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The Golden Hinde Conspiracy

Set against the backdrop of the 2016 Presidential election, Conrad’s investigation into Drake’s hidden treasure reveals a world of deceit, double dealing, and his father’s possible involvement in a covered-up murder in 1979. The ongoing investigation further suggests his father’s longtime friend, Governor Lester Charles – the 2016 Republican Party nominee for the office of the President, may be the murderer. The closer Conrad gets to finding the treasure, the more peril he must face. As more lies are exposed,.....

Godfree Beelzebub’s Masquerade

Beelzebub is the founder and current headmaster of the order of the Fly, a demented court of demons in Hell. He fell from grace with God after killing his older brother, Dagon, with an Archangel Blade. Believing that God may never forgive him for killing Dagon, Beelzebub sets himself upon a course of evil and duplicitous misdeeds here on Earth. Initially, he finds Nero, Caesar of Rome, whom he happily touches. Over time and through history, Beelzebub touches and creates.....

Reveille in Markleeville Station

Reveille In Markleeville Station is a whodunit with layers of personal conflicts between the many colorful personalities living in a remote Sierra Nevada Mountain town. The tension-filled portrayal of small-town life in Markleeville Station, tested loyalty, and dysfunctional family dynamics simmers under the backdrop of the new sheriff’s hunt for a potential serial killer with an appetite for murdering interloping meat draggers.

Grace on 395: A Gray Wolf’s Tale

ONLY HUMANS BELIEVE IN MIRACLES and sing songs about happy little bluebirds flying over rainbows. However, the natural world does not allow for lullabies about dreams coming true. There is no magical place in the wild where miracles occur. In the wild, the seasons define how and where you live. Each day within those seasons is how we judge our success. For wolves, every living hour is a cause for celebration. Time is not something you lazily pass through for.....